At Tadpoles we believe that building positive relationships is the foundation for everything! We strongly promote and encourage, family and community involvement and contribution, and recognise the importance of setting up our Centre where people feel welcome. We highly value parent’s voice and make ourselves available for discussion and set up regular opportunities for parents to feedback to us.


We recognise that Mangere Bridge is a special community to live, learn, work and be part of. We want our children and their families to have a sense of belonging and place a high level of importance to learning about and appreciating our local area. We will be committed to being involved in community events which give our children the opportunity to ‘give back’ and will take part in regular local excursions to deepen knowledge and learning of the community. We have an open door policy at our Centre and welcome visitors at any time of the day.


Tadpoles is your home away from home. We strive to make the Centre a place that is welcoming, warm, nurturing and safe for all the children and their whanau. We have set up the environment so children will feel happy and secure, where they are safe and supported, but are also stimulated and challenged. We recognise and show real appreciation for the different cultures and celebrate these so all children are made to feel special.


Children learn through play when they are given many opportunities to explore, question, problem solve, make decisions and take risks. We provide children with plenty of real life experiences to develop their dispositions in order to become long life learners.


We believe all children while in our care should feel loved, feel safe and feel respected. We interact and treat children in a positive way that will help develop their social and emotional skills. We offer primary care giving so the children are more familiar with their carer, although they will be loved and cared for by all of us!