August 02, 2018

Below you’ll find out how to pay for your child’s fees, information about work & family income, our fee structure along with our bank account details.



Fees are required to be paid by Automatic Payment or cash. Statements will be sent to all families at the end of the day, every Monday via email or if requested by families. Any accounts that are in arrears will be sent weekly statements until the account is cleared. Any families that receive WINZ payments need to know that WINZ subsidies are paid at least one week in arrears directly to the Centre.

Fees must be paid for every day that your child is enrolled, including any day your child is enrolled to attend but is absent. This includes all statutory holidays that fall on a day when your child would normally attend the Centre and days that your child is sick or injured.

Fees are subject to change and may be increased when necessary at the discretion of the Centre – at least 1 month’s notification will be given.



Some families will be eligible for subsidies from WINZ. We have forms for you that we can fill out on your behalf once you have enrolled to start at the Centre. You will then be required to set up the meeting with WINZ to be granted a subsidy. WINZ make payments directly to the Centre which will show on your statement (these are 2 weeks in arrears). The Centre will notify WINZ if your child turns 3 and is taking up the ECE hours or if your child leaves the Centre. All other communication regarding changes need to be directed to WINZ from the family.


The Centre is a provider of 20 hours ECE Early Childhood Education for three, four, and five year old children.

Eligibility for 20hours ECE begins on the child’s third birthday and ends on the child’s sixth birthday. 20hours ECE is available for up to six hours per day for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Tadpoles is an all day Centre, open 10.5 hrs per day, fees will be charged for the days and hours when the 20 free hours are not available.

The fees charged will only be for the hours not covered by the provision of 20 hours ECE.

Hours requested by the parent for 20hours ECE forms part of the Enrolment Form. Parents will be given a form to sign for ECE hours if your child turns 3 while attending and fees will change in accordance to this.


The Centre’s account details are:

Name of account

Tadpoles Early Childhood Centre

Account number



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