August 02, 2018

We get lots of questions from parents about the settling process, so we’ve outlined 7 of our most tried and true steps below.

  1. During the enrolment we will go over the settling process in detail.

  2. This is often a process that parents can feel nervous about. However, as we do this regularly we will be able to put your mind at ease to make this process a positive outcome for both you and your child.

  3. We suggest doing at least three visits. The first visit you will spend the entire time in the classroom with your child and the visit should be for about 1 hour. During this time your child will have the opportunity to explore their new environment and meet new friends. You will have the opportunity to chat with all the staff and learn about the daily routines and what you need to bring along with you on your child’s first day.

  4. The team leader will give you a few forms to fill out. One will be an ‘all about me’ page which will give us the information we need, to get to know your child and his or her family better. There will also be another form about routines at home, what you do at bedtimes, food they have tried, what makes them happy etc. These forms vary depending on the age and class of your child.

  5. The second visit is similar where you will come in to the class and settle your child, let them explore and play, and when you are ready you can pop away for about half an hour. We like you to always let your child know that you are going and that you will be coming back soon. If you want, this can start off as short as going to the bathroom.

  6. On the third visit, once your child is settled, we ask if you can leave for an hour or two. We have your details entered in to our office system so we will contact you if we need to. In most cases after the three visits you and your child will be ready to start. However, if you or the staff feel that we need to do a few more visits then we will make a plan for this to happen.

  7. Once started, we like you to phone the Centre to check as many times during the day as you would like and we will give honest feedback on how they are doing. It is not uncommon for children to be upset in the beginning, and we know it can be unsettling for you to hear, but often than not, after a cuddle from the teachers and some re-direction to play they are happy and content.